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Why is Utility Kickstart disabled

Bungie the creators of Destiny 2 recently disabled the Utility Kick-Start mode in the game leaving players far from pleased. It had a significant impact on their strategies and gameplay and now it’s up to you to save the last safe city on Earth from the encroaching enemies.

As you progress through the game as a Guardian – you have the power to shape your role in Destiny 2. It’s now up to you to defend the last bastion of Earth against the foes that threaten it.

As you level up in the game you can utilize modes to enhance your gaming experience. One such mode that you can use is the Utility Kick-Start. However many players have discovered that it’s not working as intended.

What does utility kickstart do?

The Utility Kickstart in Destiny 2 is an item that provides various benefits or enhancements to your character. While the specific effects may differ depending on the game updates and your character’s subclass here is a general explanation of what the Utility Kickstart can potentially offer:

  • Ability Enhancement: The Utility Kickstart can enhance your character’s abilities or subclass skills. It may provide increased damage-improved cooldown times or extended durations for certain abilities or supers.
  • Utility Boost: It can enhance your character’s overall utility-offering additional benefits such as faster movement speed-increased reload speed improved melee abilities or heightened weapon handling.
  • Recovery Enhancement: The Utility Kickstart may boost your character’s recovery rate-allowing you to regenerate health or abilities at a faster pace. This can be especially helpful during intense combat situations.
  • Resilience and Defense: It can provide added resilience to your character making them more durable and reducing incoming damage. This can help you survive tough encounters or withstand powerful enemy attacks.

Remember the specific effects of the Utility Kickstart may vary and depend on various factors such as your character’s attributes-subclass and any modifications or upgrades you have applied to the item. It is advisable to consult in-game descriptions or refer to community resources for more precise information on the Utility Kickstart’s capabilities within Destiny 2.

Destiny 2: Utility Kick-Start Mode Isn’t Working

There are several modes in Destiny 2 that players can install to enhance their gaming experience such as the Utility Kick-Start. When your class ability is fully expended Utility Kick-Start amps up your character’s subclass ability.

What’s more your armor charge is utilized granting you an additional class ability energy for every melee kill. But many players have found that Utility Kick-Start mode isn’t performing as expected.

According to Destiny Director’s tweet Utility Kick-Start mode has been disabled due to some issue. Bungie has temporarily deactivated it.

Bungie’s Decision and Player Reaction

Bungie took the drastic step of disabling the mode because players were facing infinite super abilities during player-vs-player and player-vs-environment encounters.

According to a Redditor named PsychWard_8 Bungie is actively working to fix this issue and plans to reactivate the mode soon.

When Will Utility Kick-Start Be Active Again?

At the time of writing it’s impossible to determine when Bungie will reactivate the Utility Kick-Start mode.

Developers have posted on their Twitter account that the mode has been disabled so it’s expected that they’ll announce its reactivation on Twitter.

We recommend that during the time when Utility Kick-Start is disabled players explore other ways or means to boost their subclass ability.

Why is utility kickstart disabled?

Several players have discovered that only Titans were benefiting from Utility Kick-Start mode. The mode was providing unlimited barricades exclusively to Titans as they had to repeatedly use the barricade ability.

This imbalance favored Titans over other classes and Bungie decided to disable the mode to address this issue.

Impact on Gameplay

Players have taken to Twitter to voice their opinions about the disabled mode. One Destiny 2 player Seffron revealed that Utility Kick-Start mode being disabled caused a significant disruption to the Hunter class’s abilities.

They also mentioned that they would refrain from playing Destiny 2 until the mode was reactivated.

Another Redditor” Vivid_Plantain_6050, expressed their frustration, saying, “Utility Kick-Start is the foundation of my favorite build, and now it’s disabled because people can’t stop exploiting it.

Destiny 2 players are unhappy with the disabled mode and hope that Bungie will resolve the issue promptly.

Bungie’s decision to disable Utility Kick-Start mode in Destiny 2 has stirred frustration among players. While the exact reactivation date remains uncertain the Destiny community eagerly awaits its return hoping for a balanced and improved gaming experience.

Why can’t I equip Utility Kickstart in Destiny 2?

There could be several reasons why you may not be able to equip the Utility Kickstart item in Destiny 2:

  • Class or Subclass Restrictions: Certain items in Destiny 2 are limited to specific character classes or subclasses. Check if the Utility Kickstart is restricted to a particular class or subclass and ensure that you are using the correct character.
  • Level Requirements: Some items have level requirements meaning you need to reach a certain level before you can equip them. Check your character’s level and make sure you have reached the required level for equipping the Utility Kickstart.
  • Armor Slot Compatibility: Different items in Destiny 2 occupy specific slots in your armor loadout, such as helmet-gloves-chest-armor etc. Verify that the Utility Kickstart is compatible with the slot you are trying to equip it in. If it is not compatible you won’t be able to equip it.
  • Potential Bug or Glitch: Occasionally’ there may be bugs or glitches in the game that prevent certain items from being equipped. In such cases it is recommended to check for any updates or patches for Destiny 2 to see if the issue has been addressed.
  • It is important to note that the Utility Kickstart item’s specific abilities or functions may vary depending on the game and its updates. For a comprehensive understanding of what the Utility Kickstart does in Destiny 2 it would be helpful to refer to in-game descriptions-forums or guides that provide details about its effects and usefulness.


The decision to disable the Utility Kick-Start mode in Destiny 2 has caused frustration among players. With the mode favoring Titans and disrupting gameplay for other classes players are awaiting its return for a more balanced and improved gaming experience. The disabled mode has sparked player discussions and dissatisfaction and it’s crucial that Bungie addresses the imbalance quickly to ensure an enjoyable experience for all players.

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