Virtual Families 3 Resort – Step By Step Guide

If you’re an avid player of Virtual Families 3 or just starting your virtual journey, you’ve probably heard about the exciting addition to the game – the Virtual Families 3 Resort. In this step-by-step guide we will delve into what makes this resort so enticing-how to get there and unravel the mysteries of renovations and approval ratings. So let’s dive right in and explore the world of Virtual Families Resort.

Why do people play Virtual Families 3?

Virtual Families 3 offers a unique blend of life simulation and strategy. It’s a game that lets you guide your virtual family through various stages of life from marriage and parenthood to careers and home improvement. You get to make choices for your virtual characters-each choice affecting their lives and the overall narrative. It’s like having a virtual dollhouse where you call the shots and your decisions have consequences.

The game’s charm lies in its realistic and often unpredictable nature. Just like in real life your virtual family members have their own personalities-preferences and quirks. They might surprise you with their choices or develop unexpected talents. This element of surprise keeps players engaged and eager to see what will happen next in their virtual household.

Virtual Families 3 also keeps players coming back with its long-term goals and challenges. You’ll aim to improve your virtual family’s home-pursue their dream careers and ensure their happiness. This continuous sense of progress and achievement is a driving force that motivates players to keep playing and striving for more.

Virtual Families 3: Resort

The resort feature adds an exciting business management aspect to the game. You’ll be in charge of everything from guest satisfaction to resort renovations. This added layer of complexity and responsibility provides players with fresh challenges and goals to strive for. It’s like running a mini-virtual empire within the game.

Managing the Virtual Families 3 Resort is a rewarding experience. As the owner you’ll have the opportunity to design and customize every aspect of the resort from the layout of guest rooms to the choice of amenities. You can let your creativity run wild and create a unique virtual paradise that reflects your style and preferences.

In addition to the creative aspect-running the resort also presents players with financial challenges. You’ll need to manage your virtual finances wisely making strategic decisions to maximize profits. Balancing the books while ensuring guest satisfaction adds a layer of strategy to the game that keeps players engaged and invested in their resort’s success.

How to get to the Virtual Families 3 Resort

Getting to the resort is the first step in your exciting journey. To access the resort you’ll need to progress to a certain point in the game. Once you’ve achieved this milestone you’ll receive a notification that the resort is now available for purchase. The cost of the resort may vary so make sure you have enough virtual coins saved up to make the investment.

Upon purchase the resort becomes a part of your virtual world and you can start customizing it to your heart’s content. It’s like having your own little piece of paradise in the palm of your hand. The journey to acquiring the resort is a testament to your dedication and progress in the game. It’s a reward for your efforts and a symbol of your virtual family’s success.

How do the renovations work in the Resort in Virtual Families 3?

Renovations are a crucial aspect of managing your Virtual Families 3 Resort. You can enhance your resort’s appeal by renovating various areas such as guest rooms-the lobby and outdoor amenities. Each renovation not only improves the appearance of your resort but also attracts more virtual guests.

To renovate simply tap on the area you wish to improve and you’ll be presented with different renovation options. Choose the one that suits your budget and style. As you continue to renovate your resort’s star rating will increase making it even more popular among virtual tourists.

How do approval ratings work for the Resort in Virtual Families 3?

Approval ratings play a significant role in the success of your Virtual Families Resort. These ratings reflect how satisfied your virtual guests are with their stay. Higher approval ratings translate to more guests which in turn means more virtual coins for you.

To maintain high approval ratings ensure that your resort is well-maintained and your virtual guests’ needs are met promptly. Keep an eye on their feedback and make improvements accordingly. Happy guests are the key to a thriving resort business!

Frequently Asked Questions About Virtual Families 3 Resort

Q1: What does the resort do in Virtual Families?

The resort in Virtual Families adds a whole new dimension to the gameplay. It allows players to own and manage their own resort where they can welcome virtual guests and create unforgettable experiences for them. Players have the opportunity to customize and renovate the resort-attracting more guests and earning virtual coins. It’s like running a mini-virtual empire within the game combining elements of business management and creativity.

Q2: How do you buy food for the resort in Virtual Families 3?

In Virtual Families 3 buying food for the resort is not a direct feature of the game. The primary focus of the resort is to manage and customize it to attract virtual guests. Food and other necessities for your virtual family are typically managed separately from the resort. You can ensure your virtual family has enough food by purchasing it through the in-game store or making sure your virtual family members are employed and earning income to cover their needs.

Q3: Can I visit other players’ resorts in Virtual Families 3?

As of now, Virtual Families 3 doesn’t allow players to visit each other’s resorts. However you can share your progress and experiences with your friends outside the game.

Q4: Are there any in-app purchases related to the Virtual Families 3 Resort?

Yes, Virtual Families 3 offers in-app purchases, including virtual coins that can be used for various purposes including resort renovations.

Q5: What’s the maximum star rating I can achieve for my resort?

The maximum star rating for your Virtual Families 3 Resort is five stars. Achieving this rating requires consistent effort in renovations and guest satisfaction.


In conclusion the Virtual Families Resort adds a whole new dimension to an already captivating game. It’s not just about building a virtual family anymore: it’s about creating and managing your dream resort. With careful planning, renovations, and attention to your guests-needs you can turn your resort into a virtual paradise.

So go ahead jump into Virtual Families 3 and embark on this exciting journey to create the most extraordinary resort in the virtual world. Your guests are waiting for an unforgettable experience and it’s up to you to make it happen. Enjoy your time at the Virtual Families 3 Resort and watch your virtual paradise thrive. Happy gaming.

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