Theodora Evony: A Powerful Monster-Hunting General

Are you an avid player of the popular strategy game Evony and get to master the art of commanding your troops! Look no further. This detailed guide will provide you with everything you need to know about Theodora’ one of the most powerful generals in Evony.

Theodora Evony

Theodora Evony is a formidable leader with impressive stats and a range of skills and specialties that make her a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield. Let’s dive into the details and uncover her true potential.

What is Theodora good for in Evony?

In the world of Evony Theodora stands out as an exceptional general who brings a multitude of benefits to your gameplay strategy. Her unique skills and abilities make her an invaluable asset in conquering your enemies and building a strong empire. Let’s explore why Theodora is a must-have general in Evony.

Theodora’s Potential

Theodora excels in commanding troops with her formidable leadership and tactical prowess. As a combat-oriented general she truly shines on the battlefield making her an ideal choice for offensive campaigns and defending your cities. Her expertise lies in enhancing troops’ attack power making them deadlier and more efficient in combat. Additionally Theodora provides a significant boost to movement speed allowing for swift maneuvering across the game map.

Use Theodora for City Development

Theodora not only excels in warfare but also plays a crucial role in city development. With her talents focused on construction and production she significantly speeds up resource production and construction times. This allows you to rapidly reinforce your cities and expand your empire’s capabilities. Utilizing Theodora’s skills wisely can give you a strategic advantage over your opponents in Evony.


Theodora boasts impressive stats that contribute to her effectiveness on the battlefield. Here’s a breakdown of her key attributes:

Leadership: 82 (High)

Attack: 78 (Above Average)

Defense: 76 (Above Average)

Politics: 74 (Above Average)

Skill and Specialties

Theodora possesses a unique skill and several specialties that enhance the performance of her troops. Let’s take a closer look:

Skill: Legendary Empress

Theodora’s skill “Legendary Empress” provides a significant advantage to mounted troops. It increases their attack by 10% and doubles the drop rate of valuable resources. This skill alone makes Theodora an invaluable asset on the battlefield.


Theodora also has four powerful specialties that further augment the capabilities of mounted troops:

  1. Unparalleled Leader: This specialty boosts the attack of all mounted troops by 15%. With Theodora leading the charge your mounted forces will strike fear into the hearts of your enemies.
  2. Inspiration: Theodora’s inspiration empowers your mounted troops by increasing their attack by 10% and their defense by 5%. This added resilience on the battlefield can turn the tide of any battle.
  3. Fortune: Theodora’s Fortune specialty enhances the drop rate of all resources by 10%. As a cunning leader she knows how to make the most of any situation ensuring your resources flow plentifully.
  4. Partner of Justinian (4th): Through her alliance with Justinian Theodora provides a 5% attack and defense boost to all mounted troops. This partnership creates a formidable fighting force that is hard to rival.

Type Buffs and Rankings

Theodora specializes in commanding mounted troops and her presence on the battlefield significantly enhances their capabilities. Here’s a glimpse into the type buffs and rankings associated with Theodora:

Type: Mounted

As a general who excels in leading mounted troops Theodora’s expertise lies in harnessing their full potential.

Buffs: Ground Attack +65% (max)

With Theodora at the helm your mounted troops benefit from a whopping 65% increase in ground attack. This bonus allows your forces to unleash devastating assaults on enemy positions.


Theodora’s prowess places her among the top ranks in various categories related to mounted troops:

  • Mounted Monster: Top 5
  • Mounted Field: Top 10
  • Mounted City: Top 15

With her exceptional leadership and tactical abilities Theodora can carve a path of domination for your mounted troops in Evony.


In conclusion Theodora Evony is a game-changing general with exceptional stats a powerful skill and a range of specialties that enhance the performance of mounted troops. By harnessing her abilities and pairing her with the right strategies you can strengthen your forces and emerge victorious on the battlefield. Unleash Theodora’s true potential and establish your dominance in Evony!

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