Stardew Valley Incubator – A Game-Changer for Your Farm

Stardew Valley the charming and beloved farming simulation game offers a plethora of tools and features to enhance your farm management experience. One such tool is the Incubator which plays a significant role in expanding your livestock.

Stardew Valley Incubator

In this comprehensive guide we’ll delve into every aspect of the Incubator from its acquisition to its potential for hatching diverse animal eggs.

How to Get an Incubator in Stardew Valley

The journey to becoming a successful farmer in Stardew Valley begins with the acquisition of an Incubator. There are multiple ways to obtain this essential device and we’ll explore each of them to ensure you can start hatching eggs in no time.

One primary method to obtain the Incubator is through the Incubator Egg – an item purchasable from Krobus in the Sewers. Krobus is known for offering unique and rare items to dedicated farmers. The Incubator Egg which you can purchase for an initial cost is a one-time investment that allows you to use the Incubator indefinitely. This is an attractive option for players looking to hatch eggs regularly.

Additionally you can also acquire the Incubator as a reward for completing the Incubator Master achievement. This achievement involves hatching a specific number of eggs. Once you meet the criteria you’ll receive the Incubator as a well-deserved prize.

How to Use the Incubator in Stardew Valley

After obtaining the Incubator understanding how to use it efficiently is vital to your farm’s success. The Incubator is a straightforward device but knowing the process step by step can make your farming endeavours smoother and more rewarding.

Using the Incubator is quite simple. To start – make sure you have the Incubator placed somewhere on your farm preferably in a convenient location like your coop or barn. Once it’s in place you can begin the hatching process. Here’s a step-by-step guide to using the Incubator:

  • Collect Eggs: The first step is to gather eggs from your farm animals. Chickens –  ducks  and other birds will lay eggs and these are the eggs you’ll place in the Incubator.
  • Place Eggs in the Incubator: Interact with the Incubator to open its interface. Inside you’ll see a slot where you can insert the eggs you’ve collected.
  • Wait for Hatching: After placing the eggs in the Incubator they will begin the incubation process. This process takes some time so be patient. The time required for eggs to hatch varies depending on the type of egg.

Collect Your Baby Animal: Once the incubation period is complete the egg will hatch and a baby animal will emerge. You can pick up the baby and place it in your coop or barn.

What Eggs Can You Hatch in the Incubator in Stardew Valley?

The Incubator in Stardew Valley provides a delightful variety of eggs that you can hatch. These eggs give birth to different animals each with its unique benefits and attributes. The selection of eggs available for hatching includes:

  1. Brown Chicken Egg: This egg yields a baby chicken when incubated.
  2. Large Brown Egg: Hatching this egg results in a baby brown chicken – a larger and more valuable version of the standard chicken.
  3. Duck Egg: Duck eggs give birth to ducklings which will eventually become adult ducks.
  4. Void Egg: The mysterious void egg produces a Void Chicken when hatched.
  5. Blue Chick Egg: Incubating this egg results in a Blue Chick – a rarer variant of the standard chicken.
  6. Dinosaur Egg: The Dinosaur Egg is particularly exciting as it hatches into a Baby Dinosaur – a unique and rare addition to your farm.
  7. Rabbit’s Foot: Yes you read that correctly. In Stardew Valley you can even hatch a Rabbit’s Foot which is a valuable and lucky item.

Sandfish Egg: Hatching a Sandfish Egg yields a Baby Sandfish’ a fascinating choice for aquatic enthusiasts.

How to Incubate Multiple Eggs in Stardew Valley

Efficiency and time management are essential in Stardew Valley. Thankfully you can optimize the Incubator to hatch multiple eggs concurrently saving time and energy. Here’s how to incubate multiple eggs:

  • Use the Right-Click Method: To place multiple eggs in the Incubator at once you can utilize the right-click method. Simply right-click on the Incubator’s interface with an egg in your cursor. This will add the egg to the incubator without requiring you to open and close the interface repeatedly.
  • Remove Hatched Animals Promptly: It’s essential to collect baby animals from the Incubator as soon as they hatch. If the baby animal remains inside the Incubator it will prevent you from inserting additional eggs. Therefore ensure you remove the babies promptly to keep the incubation process smooth.

How to Get Rare Animals in Stardew Valley Using the Incubator

The Incubator offers an excellent opportunity to acquire rare animals for your farm including dinosaurs and void chickens. These unique creatures can add diversity and intrigue to your farm life. Here’s how to use the Incubator to obtain rare animals:

Dinosaur Egg

The Dinosaur Egg is an extraordinary find in Stardew Valley. It can be obtained by various means such as:

  1. Fishing: Occasionally you may find a Dinosaur Egg while fishing. This method may take some time but it’s a possibility especially in locations like the Mutant Bug Lair.
  2. Artifact Spots: You can unearth Dinosaur Eggs from Artifact Spots by using a hoe. These spots can be found throughout Stardew Valley and exploring them is an effective way to discover rare artifacts including Dinosaur Eggs.
  3. Skull Cavern: The Skull Cavern in the Desert is known for its challenging exploration. While navigating the cavern you may come across Dinosaur Eggs as a rare drop.

Once you’ve obtained a Dinosaur Egg simply place it in the Incubator to hatch a Baby Dinosaur.

Void Egg

The Void Egg” a mysterious and intriguing item – can be transformed into a Void Chicken by incubation. Here’s how to obtain Void Eggs and hatch Void Chickens:

  1. Witch’s Hut: The Witch’s Hut located in the far southwest of Cindersap Forest plays a significant role in obtaining Void Eggs. Once you’ve reached four hearts of friendship with Krobus – a Shadow Person who resides in the Sewers he’ll send you a letter providing a special offer. The offer includes a Void Egg which can be placed in the Incubator.
  2. Traveling Cart: The Traveling Cart which appears on Fridays and Sundays may sometimes offer Void Eggs for sale. Keep an eye on the cart’s inventory for this rare item.

By acquiring Void Eggs and placing them in the Incubator you can hatch your very own Void Chickens.

Incubator Tips and Tricks in Stardew Valley

To make the most of your Incubator and enhance your farming experience consider these tips and tricks:

  1. Optimize Placement: Place your Incubator strategically within your barn or coop to maximize efficiency. Position it in a central location that’s easily accessible.
  2. Collect Eggs Regularly: Be diligent about collecting eggs from your animals. Regularly adding fresh eggs to the Incubator ensures a continuous hatching cycle.
  3. Prioritize Valuable Eggs: If you have limited space in the Incubator prioritize hatching valuable or rare eggs. This can include Large Brown Eggs for bigger chickens or Dinosaur Eggs for unique additions to your farm.
  4. Mind Egg Incubation Times: Different eggs have varying incubation times. Pay attention to these times to plan and manage your baby animal arrivals efficiently.
  5. Upgrade Your Barn and Coop: Expanding and upgrading your barn and coop can provide more space for both animals and Incubators. This allows you to hatch a larger number of eggs simultaneously.

Stardew Valley Incubator Mods

For players looking to enhance their Stardew Valley experience’ mods can be a valuable resource. Several mods are available that specifically relate to the Incubator providing various enhancements and improvements. Here are a few popular Incubator mods:

  1. Incubator Everywhere: This mod allows you to place Incubators anywhere on your farm providing greater flexibility in hatching eggs.
  2. Incubator Capacity Increased: If you find the default Incubator capacity limiting this mod expands the number of eggs you can hatch at once.
  3. Incubator Auto-Feeder: Save time by automatically feeding your baby animals with this mod.

Stardew Valley Incubator Glitches

While Stardew Valley is known for its charming and polished gameplay – occasional glitches can occur. It’s essential to be aware of these issues and how to address them when using the Incubator.

Common glitches associated with the Incubator include:

  1. Missing Incubated Animal: Sometimes a hatched baby animal might appear to be missing. To resolve this issue – save your game – exit – and then reload it. The missing animal should then appear in your barn or coop.
  2. Overcrowding: If you have many baby animals in a single barn or coop they might occasionally overlap or appear crowded. This is a visual glitch and doesn’t affect the functionality of your farm.
  3. Egg Disappearance: In rare instances eggs placed in the Incubator might vanish without hatching. To address this issue try saving your game exiting and then reloading. If the egg reappears you can attempt incubation again.

It’s important to note that these glitches are generally minor and do not significantly impact your gameplay in Stardew Valley. The game’s developer – ConcernedApe is actively involved in addressing and resolving issues ensuring that players can enjoy a smooth and enjoyable gaming experience.

Stardew Valley Incubator FAQ

In this section we’ll address some frequently asked questions related to the Incubator in Stardew Valley. These insights can provide further clarity on using the Incubator effectively.

Q: How many eggs can I incubate at once in the Incubator?

A: By default you can incubate one egg at a time in the Incubator. However with the right-click method you can efficiently incubate multiple eggs simultaneously.

Q: Can I move the Incubator once it’s placed?

A: Yes you can move the Incubator to another location on your farm at any time. Simply use the Pickaxe to pick it up and then place it where you desire.

Q: What should I do if I experience a glitch with the Incubator?

A: If you encounter a glitch such as a missing animal or egg try saving your game – exiting and reloading it. In most cases this resolves the issue.

Q: Are there mods available to enhance the Incubator in Stardew Valley?

A: Yes there are several mods that can enhance and expand the functionality of the Incubator allowing for more convenient hatching and management of eggs.

Q: What are the benefits of hatching rare animals in the Incubator?

A: Rare animals can provide unique resources products or even special abilities that regular animals do not offer. Hatching rare animals can enhance the diversity and profitability of your farm.


The Incubator in Stardew Valley is a versatile and valuable tool that enriches the farming experience. From hatching common animals to obtaining rare and intriguing creatures the Incubator plays a vital role in farm management. By following the steps tips and strategies outlined in this guide you can make the most of the Incubator and enjoy a thriving and diverse farm in Pelican Town. Whether you’re a seasoned farmer or just starting your journey the Incubator is a key asset in your pursuit of agricultural excellence in Stardew Valley.

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