MSF: Rebirth Infographic – Step By Step Guide

Marvel Strike Force (MSF) is known for its ever-evolving roster of heroes and villains and players are always on the lookout for the next powerful team composition.

MSF Rebirth Infographic

The Rebirth Team is one such addition that has sparked excitement among MSF enthusiasts. In this guide we’ll delve into what the Rebirth Team is who its members are-how to use them effectively and much more.

What is the Rebirth Team?

The Rebirth Team is a relatively new addition to MSF and it specializes in infiltrating Bio Raid Lanes. Comprising a unique set of characters this team brings a fresh perspective to battles and offers exciting gameplay opportunities.

The Rebirth Team Members

The Rebirth Team consists of five distinct characters each contributing their own set of skills and abilities to the team’s synergy:

  1. Agent Venom: Known for his agility and precision Agent Venom can apply the Defense Down debuff to enemies making them more vulnerable to attacks. In raids he can also chain his attacks hitting multiple targets.
  2. Captain Carter: Captain Carter brings a blend of defensive and offensive abilities to the team. Her “Acrobatic Justice” ability not only buffs herself but also provides Deflect Counter and Death Proof to all Rebirth allies.
  3. U.S. Agent: U.S. Agent’s “Patriotic Fury” is a potent single-target attack that deals significant damage. In raids he can apply a stun effect to the primary target making him a valuable asset.
  4. Captain America: The iconic Captain America joins the Rebirth Team with his “Shield Bash” ability that can apply Offense Down to the target. Additionally, his “Inspire” skill clears negative effects from himself and Rebirth allies.
  5. Winter Soldier: Winter Soldier’s “Winter Assault” is a formidable attack that damages the primary target and delivers piercing damage. His “Mechanical Arm” ability can clear positive effects from the target further enhancing the team’s control.

How to Use the Rebirth Team

The Rebirth Team is versatile and can be employed in various MSF content but they shine brightest in Raids. To harness their full potential consider the following strategies:

  • Debuff Enemies: Utilize the team’s abilities to debuff enemies. For instance Agent Venom’s “Gun Play” applies Defense Down while Captain Carter’s “Acrobatic Justice” buffs Rebirth allies with Deflect Counter and Death Proof.
  • Synergize Abilities: Coordinate the abilities of team members to create synergistic effects. Combining debuffs like Defense Down with other debuffs like Stun or Ability Block can maximize your control over the battlefield.
  • Leverage Defensive Buffs: Captain Carter’s defensive buffs such as Death Proof and Deflect can be invaluable in increasing the team’s survivability. Use them strategically to withstand enemy onslaughts.

Which ISO-8 Classes to Use?

The best ISO-8 classes for the Rebirth Team may still be subject to experimentation but here are some class recommendations for each team member:

  • Captain America: Skirmisher
  • Captain Carter: Striker
  • Agent Venom: Raider
  • U.S. Agent: Skirmisher
  • Winter Soldier: Striker

Experiment with these classes and tailor them to your preferred playstyle and team composition.

Acquiring Rebirth Team Members

To assemble the Rebirth Team you’ll need to collect character shards from specific orbs. These orbs can typically be obtained during the characters’ release events. As of now, players can participate in the monthly Super Patriot event to acquire U.S. Agent’s character shards. Keep an eye out for the release events of the other team members in the near future.

Rebirth Team’s Unique Skills

Each member of the Rebirth Team brings their own unique set of skills to the table making them a formidable force in MSF. Here are some examples of their abilities:

  • Agent Venom:
    • Gun Play: This ability attacks the primary target dealing 300 percent damage and applying a Defense Down debuff for 2 turns. In raids it can chain to other targets for 300 percent damage.
    • Bullet Storm: Agent Venom’s ultimate attack targets all enemies dealing 250 percent piercing damage. He deals 25 percent additional damage for every positive and negative effect on the primary target.
  • Captain Carter:
    • Acrobatic Justice: This skill grants Captain Carter 3 Deflect 1 Counter and 1 Death Proof buff. In raids she extends these buffs to all Rebirth allies.
    • Rolling Liberty: Captain Carter’s ultimate attack hits all targets for 350 percent damage. In raids it applies Safeguard for 2 turns to all Rebirth Allies.
  • U.S. Agent:
    • Patriotic Fury: U.S. Agent’s basic attack targets the primary enemy for 300 percent damage.
    • Irredeemable Attack: In raids this skill applies a stun effect to the primary target incapacitating them for a crucial turn.
  • Captain America:
    • Shield Bash: Captain America’s basic attack strikes the target for 250 percent damage and applies an Offense Down debuff for 2 turns.
    • Inspire: This special ability clears all negative effects from Captain America and removes 2 negative effects from all Rebirth allies providing valuable cleansing support.
  • Winter Soldier:
    • Winter Assault: Winter Soldier’s basic attack targets the primary enemy for 290 percent damage and deals 25 percent piercing damage.
    • Mechanical Arm: This special ability can clear 3 positive effects from the target enabling the team to gain the upper hand.


The Rebirth Team is a formidable addition to Marvel Strike Force offering a blend of offensive and defensive capabilities. While they can be used effectively in various game modes their true potential shines in Raids where their synergy and control abilities come into play. Experiment with ISO-8 classes-strategize your debuffs and coordinate their unique skills to create a powerful and resilient team. As the Marvel Strike Force universe continues to evolve the Rebirth Team stands ready to make their mark as a force to be reckoned with.

FAQS About MSF Rebirth Infographic

Where can I find an MSF Rebirth Infographic?

Hold your horses! You can rustle up these infographics on websites, forums, and social media groups dedicated to MSF. Folks in the MSF community love sharing these nuggets of wisdom.

What kind of info is usually on an MSF Rebirth Infographic?

These bad boys usually wrangle up data on character abilities, team synergies, and sometimes tips and tricks. It’s like a one-stop shop for all your MSF strategizing needs.

Are MSF Rebirth Infographics official from the game developers?

Nope, partner. These infographics are usually fan-made creations. The MSF community is a talented bunch who whip up these visuals to help out fellow players.

How often do MSF Rebirth Infographics get updated?

Well, it varies, cowboy. Whenever there’s a big game update or new characters trot into town, you’ll likely see some fresh infographics lassoing that info for ya. Keep your eyes peeled!

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