How To Play Evony For Beginners: The King’s Return

If you’re a budding ruler eager to embark on a journey of conquest and diplomacy in the world of “Evony The King’s Return” you’ve come to the right place. This comprehensive guide is tailor-made for beginners providing essential insights and tips to help you build a mighty kingdom and become a formidable leader.

How To Play Evony

Join us as we explore the key aspects of playing “Evony” and uncover the strategies that will lead you to victory.

Choosing a Starting Culture

Picking Your Path

Your journey in “Evony” begins with an important decision: choosing a starting culture. Each culture has its unique advantages so consider your preferred playstyle:

Chinese: This culture excels in resource production making it an excellent choice for players who want to focus on building a strong economy.

European: If military might is your goal the European culture provides advantages in training troops and waging wars.

Korean: Korean culture is known for its research prowess making it a wise choice for those who want to advance technology quickly.

American: This culture offers a balanced approach suitable for players who want a mix of economic-military and research benefits.

Developing Your Town

Laying the Foundations

Once you’ve chosen your culture it’s time to develop your town. Here’s a step-by-step guide to getting started:

1. Resource Buildings: Begin by constructing resource buildings such as farms-sawmill quarries and iron mines. These provide the essential resources of food-wood-stone and iron.

2. City Hall: Upgrade your City Hall to increase your city’s level and unlock more building slots. A higher-level city can support a larger population and more advanced structures.

3. Defenses: Build defenses like walls and traps to protect your city from potential attackers. Security is paramount in “Evony.”

4. Research: Invest in research to unlock technology upgrades that enhance resource production-military strength and various other aspects of your kingdom.

Growing Your Army

A Mighty Military

In “Evony” a strong army is essential for both defense and conquest. Here’s how to build and grow your military forces:

1. Barracks: Construct barracks to train infantry units. Different barracks types produce different units so choose wisely based on your strategy.

2. Stables: Stables are where you train cavalry units. Like barracks the type of stable determines the cavalry unit you can produce.

3. Range: Ranges are essential for training ranged units including archers and siege engines. Ranged units provide crucial support in battles.

4. Forge: Research and build a Forge to unlock powerful hero equipment. Equipping your generals with the best gear enhances their effectiveness in combat.

The World Map

Exploring New Horizons

The world map in “Evony” is where you’ll interact with other players’ AI-controlled cities and resource nodes. Here’s how to navigate this expansive landscape:

1. Scouting: Use scouts to gather information about nearby cities resource tiles and potential threats. Scouting is essential for strategic planning.

2. Resource Gathering: Send armies to resource tiles on the world map to gather additional resources. These tiles provide a steady stream of extra income.

3. Conquering and Colonizing: As your power grows you can attack and conquer other cities or colonize vacant cities on the map. Conquered cities become part of your domain while colonized cities generate resources for you.

4. Alliances: Form alliances with other players to gain support protection and access to alliance-exclusive features and events.

Your Generals and Their Uses

Heroes of the Realm

Generals are essential assets in “Evony” each with unique abilities and specializations. Here’s how to make the most of your heroes:

1. Recruitment: Recruit generals from the Tavern or through in-game events. Each general excels in specific areas such as combat resource gathering or city management.

2. Assignments: Assign generals to various tasks within your city. Some improve resource production while others enhance military training or research speed.

3. Leadership: When leading armies into battle generals provide bonuses to your troops based on their skills and equipment. Choose the right general for the task at hand.

4. Leveling Up: Level up your generals by participating in battles and completing quests. Higher-level generals are more effective in their roles.

Establishing Good Production at the Start

The Foundation of Prosperity

Efficient resource production is the backbone of a successful kingdom in “Evony.” Here’s how to establish good production early on:

1. Balanced Resource Buildings: Maintain a balance between resource buildings to ensure a steady supply of food wood stone and iron.

2. Upgrades: Regularly upgrade resource buildings to increase their production rates. Focus on the resource types that are most crucial for your current goals.

3. Warehouse: Upgrade your Warehouse to store surplus resources safely. A full Warehouse can protect your resources from being plundered by attackers.

4. Marketplace: Use the Marketplace to trade resources with other players. It’s an excellent way to acquire the specific resources you need.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you play Evony effectively?

Effective play in “Evony” involves careful resource management-strategic troop training and diplomacy. Joining an active alliance can also provide crucial support.

Is Evony a strategy game?

Yes “Evony” is a grand strategy game that combines elements of city-building-diplomacy warfare and resource management.

What are the beginner mistakes in Evony?

Common beginner mistakes include neglecting resource production-failing to join an alliance and not scouting potential threats on the world map.

How does Evony make money?

“Evony” offers in-game purchases for items-resources and various in-game advantages. These purchases provide revenue to support the game’s ongoing development and maintenance.


In the realm of “Evony: The King’s Return” your strategic decisions will shape the destiny of your kingdom. Whether you choose the path of diplomacy conquest or a balance of both your journey is a dynamic adventure filled with challenges and triumphs. As you continue to expand and strengthen your realm remember that the key to success lies in effective resource management-powerful armies and wise alliances. May your kingdom prosper and your rule be legendary!

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