How to Increase Power in Evony: The King’s Return Guide

In the dynamic world of “Evony: The King’s Return” increasing your power is the key to establishing a formidable kingdom and achieving victory in battles.

How to Increase Power in Evony

Power encompasses a variety of factors from your generals and their attributes to your kingdom’s overall development. This in-depth guide will walk you through the step-by-step process of boosting your power in “Evony” leaving no stone unturned.

General Stats

The Foundation of Power

Your generals are the backbone of your kingdom and their stats are the foundation of your power. Understanding and optimizing these stats is crucial for success in “Evony.” Here are the key general stats you need to be familiar with:

Attack: This stat represents your general’s offensive power. A higher attack stat means your general can deal more damage in battles.

Defense: Defense determines how well your general can withstand enemy attacks. A higher defense stat reduces the damage your general takes.

HP (Hit Points): HP reflects your general’s health. More HP means your general can survive longer in battles.

Leadership: Leadership influences the number of troops your general can lead. Higher leadership allows you to command larger armies.


Each general possesses a specific attribute such as Power Intelligence or Politics. These attributes significantly impact the general’s performance in various aspects of the game. For example Power attributes enhance combat abilities while Politics attributes improve resource production and diplomacy.


Generals also have specialties that provide unique bonuses. Specialties can boost resource production troop training speed-construction speed and more. Matching a general’s specialty with your strategic goals is essential to maximize their effectiveness.

Star Level

Ascending to Greatness

The star level of your generals represents their advancement in “Evony.” As generals gain experience and level up their star level can increase. Higher star levels unlock additional abilities and enhance overall performance. Here’s how to increase the star level of your generals:

1. Experience: Generals gain experience through battles-quests and various in-game activities. The more they participate the faster they level up.

2. General’s Pavilion: Upgrade your General’s Pavilion to unlock higher star levels. The Pavilion level must match or exceed the star level you want to promote your generals to.

3. Promotion: Once a general reaches the required experience and the General’s Pavilion is at the appropriate level, you can promote them to a higher star level.

General Equipment

Equipping for Success

Equipping your generals with the right gear is paramount for increasing their power. Here’s how to ensure your generals are well-equipped:

1. Gear Acquisition: Obtain equipment through various means including quests-events and the marketplace. Acquire gear that complements your general’s strengths and specialties.

2. Equipment Slots: Generals have multiple equipment slots including weapons armor and accessories. Fill these slots with suitable gear to enhance your general’s capabilities.

3. Enhancement: Upgrade and enhance your gear to improve their stats. Enhancing gear requires resources but is essential for maximizing your generals’ power.

Spiritual Beast

Taming the Wild

Spiritual Beasts are powerful creatures that can significantly boost your kingdom’s power. Here’s how to obtain and utilize these majestic beings:

1. Taming: Spiritual Beasts can be tamed by completing specific in-game tasks and quests. Once tamed they become part of your kingdom.

2. Bonuses: Each Spiritual Beast provides unique bonuses to your kingdom such as increased resource production – combat effectiveness and troop capacity.

3. Leveling: Level up your Spiritual Beasts by feeding them. Higher-level Beasts grant more substantial bonuses so invest in their growth.


The Roar of Power

Dragons are legendary creatures that can turn the tide of battle in “Evony.” Here’s how to obtain and harness the power of dragons:

1. Hatching: Obtain dragon eggs through in-game events and activities. Hatch these eggs to summon a dragon to your kingdom.

2. Abilities: Each dragon possesses powerful abilities that can aid you in various aspects of the game. Customize your dragon’s abilities to suit your strategy.

3. Growth: Like generals and Spiritual Beasts dragons can be leveled up. Invest in your dragon’s growth to unlock more potent abilities and bonuses.


Addressing Common Queries

Let’s address some frequently asked questions about increasing power in “Evony: The King’s Return.”

What is the fastest way to increase monarch power in Evony?

The fastest way to increase monarch power is by focusing on the key aspects mentioned in this guide such as upgrading generals – improving gear – taming Spiritual Beasts and hatching and leveling up dragons.

How do you increase your troop power in Evony?

To increase your troop power-recruit and train more troops’ upgrade your barracks and other military buildings’ enhance your general’s stats and gear and research military technologies.

What is the power increase event in Evony?

The power increase event is a special event in “Evony” where you can earn rewards for increasing your power during a specific period. It often includes tasks related to upgrading generals-troops and buildings.

How do you grow stronger in Evony?

To grow stronger in “Evony” focus on the following:

  • Upgrade generals and their gear.
  • Train more troops and increase your army size.
  • Research technologies that boost your kingdom’s capabilities.
  • Tame Spiritual Beasts and level up dragons for bonuses.

How do you get power in a monarchy?

In a monarchy power is derived from your overall kingdom development which includes upgrading buildings, increasing your army size and strengthening your generals and troops. Follow the strategies outlined in this guide to boost your power.

How do you get monarch power?

Monarch power is obtained by successfully completing monarch quests and tasks. Participate actively in the game-complete quests and focus on kingdom development to earn monarch power.


Increasing power in “Evony: The King’s Return” is a multifaceted journey that requires careful planning and strategic decision-making. By understanding and optimizing your generals advancing their star levels’ equipping them with suitable gear-taming Spiritual Beasts and hatching and leveling up dragons you can elevate your kingdom to new heights of power. As you embark on this quest for supremacy remember that persistence and a well-thought-out strategy are your greatest allies. May your kingdom prosper and your reign be legendary!

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