How to Get Gold in Evony: The King’s Return Guide

In the realm of “Evony: The King’s Return” gold is a valuable resource that can significantly impact your kingdom’s progress and power. Whether you’re a beginner looking to amass your fortune or an experienced player seeking to optimize your gold income this comprehensive guide will provide you with a step-by-step breakdown of the various methods to acquire gold within the game.

How to Get Gold in Evony

From in-game activities to strategic decisions we’ll cover it all to help you become a gold-rich ruler.

Completing Daily and Alliance Quests

A Daily Dose of Gold

One of the simplest and most consistent ways to earn gold in “Evony” is by completing daily quests. These quests often involve basic activities that can be easily integrated into your daily routine. Here’s how it works:

Daily Quests: Each day you’ll receive a set of daily quests that encompass activities like training troops gathering resources and conducting research. Completing these quests not only rewards you with gold but also helps you progress in the game.

Alliance Quests: Joining an active alliance provides access to alliance quests. These quests typically offer more substantial rewards including gold. Cooperation with alliance members can help you complete these quests efficiently.

Participating in Events

Gold-Rich Events

“Evony” regularly hosts in-game events that present excellent opportunities to acquire gold. Keep an eye on the event calendar and participate actively in these events to maximize your gold earnings:

Resource Tycoon: This event rewards players for gathering resources. By actively gathering resources during the event period you can earn gold and other valuable prizes.

Power Increase Event: Increasing your kingdom’s power during this event can lead to significant gold rewards. Focus on upgrading generals troops and buildings to boost your power.

Alliance Warfare: Alliance-based events often offer gold rewards for participation and successful performance. Coordinate with your alliance members to excel in these events.

Trading Resources

The Exchange of Wealth

Trading resources with other players through the in-game marketplace can be a lucrative way to earn gold. Here’s how it works:

Resource Surplus: If you have an excess of a particular resource and are in need of another you can offer a trade in the marketplace. Players looking for the resource you have can accept your trade offer and provide gold in exchange.

Strategic Trading: Pay attention to the resource demands and surpluses within your server’s player base. By strategically trading resources you can capitalize on market dynamics to earn more gold.

Completing Campaigns and Events

Campaign Gold

Completing campaign battles and events can yield substantial gold rewards. Here’s how to make the most of these opportunities:

Campaign Battles: Progress through the campaign map by defeating AI-controlled cities and armies. Completing campaign battles often rewards you with gold among other valuable items.

Event Campaigns: Special event campaigns may offer gold rewards for achieving specific objectives or milestones. Participate in these campaigns when they become available.

Taming Spiritual Beasts

Beastly Bounty

Spiritual Beasts are powerful creatures that provide various bonuses to your kingdom including gold production. To acquire gold through Spiritual Beasts follow these steps:

Taming: Tame Spiritual Beasts by completing specific in-game tasks and quests. Each Spiritual Beast has its unique abilities including gold production boosts.

Development: Focus on leveling up and developing your Spiritual Beasts to enhance their gold-producing capabilities. As they grow stronger they can yield more gold for your kingdom.

Hatching and Leveling Up Dragons

Dragon’s Bounty

Dragons are legendary creatures in “Evony” that can be hatched from dragon eggs. These majestic beings can provide significant gold income when nurtured properly:

Hatching: Obtain dragon eggs through various in-game activities and events. Hatch these eggs to summon a dragon to your kingdom.

Abilities: Customize your dragon’s abilities to prioritize gold production. Dragons can significantly boost your gold income when equipped with the right abilities.

Leveling Up: Invest in leveling up your dragons. As they grow they become more efficient at generating gold for your kingdom.

Monarchy Benefits

The Power of Monarchy

Becoming a monarch in “Evony” comes with various benefits including the ability to collect taxes from your kingdom’s residents. Here’s how to utilize monarchy benefits for gold income:

Monarch Status: Achieve the status of monarch within your alliance by meeting specific requirements and receiving the support of your alliance members.

Tax Collection: As a monarch you can collect taxes from your kingdom’s cities. This tax income provides a consistent source of gold for your treasury.

Kingdom Development: Invest in developing your kingdom to increase tax income. Upgraded buildings and advanced technology can enhance your gold earnings as a monarch.

In-Game Purchases

A Choice for the Worthy

“Evony” offers in-game purchases that allow you to acquire gold directly. While this is a straightforward way to obtain gold it’s important to spend wisely and consider your budget. Make purchases that align with your strategic goals and needs within the game.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which monster gives gold in Evony?
  • The monster that gives gold in Evony is the Goblin.
How does Evony make money?
  • Evony makes money through in-game purchases where players can buy items – resources and boosts with real money.
What is gold used for in Evony?
  • Gold in Evony is used for various in-game purposes including speeding up construction
  • researching technologies – training troops and more.
How do you become successful in Evony?
  • To become successful in Evony – focus on efficient resource management-strategic troop training alliances with other players and active participation in events and battles.


Increasing your gold income in “Evony: The King’s Return” requires a multifaceted approach combining daily quests participation in events resource trading and strategic decisions regarding Spiritual Beasts and dragons. By actively engaging in these methods you can accumulate a substantial amount of gold to enhance your kingdom’s power and progress. Remember that patience-consistency and strategic planning are your allies on the path to gold-riches in the world of “Evony.” May your coffers overflow and your reign be legendary!

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