Evony General Ranking: The King’s Return Guide

In the world of “Evony” generals are the linchpin of your military might and their rankings play a crucial role in determining your success on the battlefield. As a ruler understanding how to rank your Evony generals is paramount for achieving victory and dominance.

Evony General Ranking

This comprehensive guide will walk you through the intricate process of Evony General Ranking from the basics to advanced strategies ensuring that you ascend the ranks with confidence.

Evony General Ranking Guide

Evony General Ranking is a complex system that evaluates the strength and capabilities of your generals. The higher the rank the more formidable the general in battle. This guide will reveal the secrets of achieving top-tier rankings for your generals whether you’re a beginner or an experienced player.

How to Rank Your Evony General

Ranking your Evony general involves several steps and considerations. Let’s break it down:

  1. Recruitment: Start by recruiting generals with potential. Look for those with high attributes and specialties that align with your strategic goals.
  2. Leveling: Level up your generals by engaging in battles and completing quests. A higher level is a fundamental step in increasing a general’s rank.
  3. Star Level: Ascend the star levels of your generals through experience and development. Higher star levels unlock advanced abilities and boost their ranking potential.
  4. Equipment: Equip your generals with powerful gear that complements their strengths and skills. Enhanced equipment significantly impacts a general’s ranking.
  5. Skills: Invest in training your general’s skills. Unlocking and upgrading skills can enhance their combat effectiveness and contribute to a higher ranking.
  6. Attributes: Develop your general’s attributes wisely. Attribute development should align with your chosen strategy whether offensive defensive or balanced.
  7. Alliance Support: Join an active alliance to benefit from alliance technologies and support. Alliance bonuses can boost your general’s ranking potential.

Evony General Ranking Factors

Several factors influence a general’s ranking in Evony. Understanding these factors is essential for strategic decision-making:

  • Attributes: A general’s attributes including Power Intelligence and Politics significantly affect their ranking. Each attribute impacts different aspects of gameplay.
  • Star Level: A higher star level grants access to more advanced abilities and contributes to a general’s overall strength.
  • Equipment Quality: Equipping your general with high-quality gear enhances their combat capabilities and ranking potential.
  • Skills: Invest in unlocking and upgrading skills that align with your strategy. Skills can turn the tide of battles and contribute to higher rankings.
  • Alliance Bonuses: Active alliances provide technology bonuses that can boost your general’s attributes and effectiveness in battle.

Top 10 Evony General Ranking Tips

Here are the top 10 tips to enhance your Evony general ranking:

  1. Recruit Strategically: Choose generals with attributes and specialties that match your gameplay style.
  2. Level Up Actively: Engage in battles and quests to level up your generals consistently.
  3. Star Level Progression: Work towards advancing your generals’ star levels for more powerful abilities.
  4. Gear Enhancement: Equip and enhance your generals’ gear to improve their combat performance.
  5. Skill Mastery: Prioritize skill training and upgrades to maximize your general’s potential.
  6. Attribute Focus: Develop attributes that align with your chosen strategy whether offensive- defensive or diplomatic.
  7. Alliance Membership: Join an active alliance to access technology bonuses and support for your generals.
  8. Event Participation: Engage in in-game events that offer rewards and bonuses for your generals.
  9. Marketplace Utilization: Make use of the marketplace to acquire equipment and resources to boost your general’s ranking.
  10. Tavern Recruitment: Regularly visit the Tavern to recruit new generals and expand your roster.

Evony General Ranking Mistakes to Avoid

To achieve the highest general rankings it’s crucial to avoid common mistakes:

  1. Neglecting Recruitment: Recruiting generals without considering their attributes and specialties can hinder your ranking progress.
  2. Lack of Leveling: Failing to actively level up your generals can leave them underpowered and less effective in battle.
  3. Ignoring Star Levels: Neglecting star level advancement limits your general’s access to powerful abilities.
  4. Equipment Neglect: Not equipping or enhancing gear can leave your generals at a disadvantage in combat.
  5. Skill Neglect: Ignoring skill training and upgrades reduces your general’s combat effectiveness.
  6. Attribute Misalignment: Developing irrelevant attributes can result in suboptimal rankings for your general.
  7. Solo Play: Isolating yourself from alliances deprives your generals of valuable bonuses and support.

Evony General Ranking for Beginners

If you’re new to Evony here’s a step-by-step guide to kickstart your journey to top-ranked generals:

  1. Early Recruitment: Start by recruiting generals with balanced attributes and specialties.
  2. Focused Leveling: Concentrate on leveling up your initial generals through battles and quests.
  3. Equipment Basics: Equip your generals with basic gear and gradually enhance it as you progress.
  4. Skill Introduction: Begin by training basic skills for your generals.
  5. Alliance Membership: Join an active alliance early to access technology bonuses and support.

Evony General Ranking for Experienced Players

For experienced players seeking to further rank their generals here’s a strategic approach:

  1. Specialized Recruitment: Recruit generals that align with your advanced strategies and specific goals.
  2. Maximized Leveling: Actively level up your generals to their maximum potential.
  3. Advanced Equipment: Equip your generals with high-quality gear and continuously enhance it.
  4. Skill Mastery: Prioritize advanced skill training and upgrades to dominate in battles.
  5. Strategic Attributes: Develop attributes that reinforce your strategic advantage.
  6. Alliance Leadership: Consider taking on leadership roles within your alliance to further support your generals.

Best Evony Generals for Ranking

Certain generals in Evony excel in rankings due to their attributes and specialties. Consider these top-ranking generals:

  1. Richard the Lionheart: Known for his strong defense and leadership attributes.
  2. Joan of Arc: A popular choice for her powerful support skills and diplomatic attributes.
  3. Cleopatra: Renowned for her resource production and gathering bonuses.
  4. Sun Tzu: A versatile general with exceptional tactical and combat skills.
  5. Boudica: Known for her combat prowess and bonuses for infantry units.

Best Skills for Ranking Your Evony General

Skills can make or break your general’s ranking. Here are some of the best skills to prioritize:

  1. Marching Speed: Enhances your general’s mobility and efficiency in battles.
  2. Combat Skills: Skills that directly boost your general’s combat capabilities.
  3. Resource Production: Vital for resource gathering and economic growth.
  4. Diplomatic Skills: Enhance your diplomatic prowess and alliances.
  5. Troop Training: Speed up troop recruitment and strengthen your armies.

Best Equipment for Ranking Your Evony General

Equipping your generals with the right gear is crucial for ranking. Consider these types of equipment:

  1. Weapons: Enhance your general’s combat abilities with powerful weapons.
  2. Armor: Protect your general from enemy attacks with sturdy armor.
  3. Accessories: Boost your general’s attributes and abilities with specialized accessories.
  4. Mounts: Increase your general’s mobility and battlefield presence with mounts.
  5. Artifacts: Equip artifacts to provide unique bonuses to your general.

How to Use Alliances to Rank Your Evony General

Active alliance participation can significantly boost your general’s ranking:

  1. Alliance Technologies: Invest in alliance technologies that enhance your general’s attributes and capabilities.
  2. Alliance Support: Coordinate with alliance members for mutual benefits such as assistance in battles and resource exchanges.

How to Use Events to Rank Your Evony General

In-game events offer opportunities to bolster your general’s ranking:

  1. Resource Events: Participate in resource-gathering events to acquire valuable resources for ranking.
  2. Power Increase Events: Focus on upgrading generals and troops during power increase events to earn rewards and boost rankings.

How to Use the Marketplace to Rank Your Evony General

The marketplace can be a valuable resource for ranking your general:

  • Equipment Purchase: Acquire high-quality gear from the marketplace to enhance your general’s combat abilities.
  • Resource Exchange: Utilize the marketplace for resource exchanges to support your general’s development.

How to Use the Tavern to Rank Your Evony General

The Tavern is a place for recruiting new generals and expanding your roster:

  • Regular Visits: Visit the Tavern regularly to recruit new generals with desirable attributes and specialties.
  • Recruitment Strategy: Plan your recruitment based on your evolving strategy and ranking goals.


Ranking your Evony generals is a journey that requires careful planning – strategic decision-making and consistent effort. Whether you’re a beginner seeking to build a solid foundation or an experienced player aiming for the highest ranks this guide equips you with the knowledge and strategies needed to reach the top of the Evony General Ranking. As you ascend the ranks may your generals lead you to victory and your kingdom rise to prominence!

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